It’s summer??

i just opened the door to the most beautiful weather.

Sir is still sleeping and was not feeling well over night.

He took me to the most amazing library last night. I could picture living there. It had priceless books and antiques. Hidden doors and secret passages. The ceiling was amazing. As I walked around I pictured so many scenes. Being bound to the big desk, looking straight up at the ceiling. Floating and waiting for Sirs whip. Throne chairs that were perfect to be stead wide on. Oh if only it wasn’t so secured!!!

Then off home. A great night to travel.

Sir at one point wrapping his arm around me on the city street with his hand down my dress grabbing my nipple and twisting and pressing. I was so wet all day I came home and just really needed to clean my cunt.

After the shower sir said I would get pain. He grabbed me by my collar. Into the bedroom face down on the bed. My ass very sensitive since I had just showered. The whip, ever blow relieving my tensions, still not being allowed to cum, then his hands, so many tears. He attached my wrist cuff to my ankle cuffs , using my leash to slightly choke me and fucked my cunt for his pleasure. Then on the floor where I belong, clovers on my tits, sucking his cock. Sir came on my face and let me clean his cock with my mouth. I laid there in perfect bliss. After crawling to hold him at his chain. Oh when he pets my hair and says good girl. I know I am i trembled and thanked him.

I went about making him good all with his cum drying on my face knowing I am his. 

I feel asleep with my head on his lap, feeling secure and cared for.

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