today is the last day of Sirs visit.

The weather is perfect for cuddles and staying in bed. 

I’m finding the longer I go with out cuming the more I long to be used. It’s a very noticeable change. 

I just want to be tormented.

Yesterday Sir took the whip to me. He used my holes for his pleasure and from deep in my bliss I begged him for more. The hitachi on my cunt and clit. Riding a never ending edge. The Rush was indescribable.

On this last day I just want Sir to take his pleasure in me. To reduce me to nothing but my pulsing holes. To…..make me cry and beg and be nothing but a slave to his needs. 

I wish to be denied to the point of ……. I don’t know. But I woke with my dripping cunt begging to be used. My joy from me saying Sir please and him saying no. From hearing his release and not mine.

I told him yesterday I think I’ve forgotten how to cum. I feel like riding that edge is so much better for my mental state. Sadly he will leave tomorrow and I fear if I don’t cum, I will have no ability to focus on the real world again. Honestly I don’t want to, I’d be happy to just remain slave forever.

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