i woke in a much better place both physically and emotionally today. I’m ok with Sir leaving, never happy but I will have so many distractions today that I think I’ll be fine.

Yesterday I really wasn’t. When I got home Sir knew that. In the kitchen unpacking a few things for dinner Sir says bra off. His strong hands pushing, pulling and twisting my tits. Pushed up against the counter I rub my ass had on his cock. 

My time lines may be off, but Sir sits me down next to him. I’m floating, he says sweater off, then I am there in just a lace shirt. I’m still not all the way right. He sees this and in the bedroom. Leash on wrapped around my legs. He puts the hitachi on my clit, then I hold it, he whips me until I can cry. I let it all out. The chain of the leash in my slit. Sir pulling hard, saying how nice that looks. Knowing it blocks all of my holes. He pulls harder and I main sinking into that good, good pain.

At some point his belt on my neck pulling tight. My brain shuts down. I gasp and the work me is gone. All that’s left is Sirs slave.

Then (or maybe before) back in the kitchen sirs cock in my mouth. I need it and crave it. His moans alone make me want to cum. His cum in my mouth. I don’t want to swallow. I just let it sit there keeping his cock wet and warm.

lol, later in the evening talking about a friends party Sir says I could be a fluffer, then says no I’m too good at sucking cock for that.

I took a nap, then dinner. A friend stopped by (fet girl) with ointments for my ankle. Sir said I could cum if she was sitting there, but my foggy hurt brain didn’t register it. So still no cuming. 

I was mushy and needy.

Then long cuddles in the couch, floating in and out of dreams. Sirs hands in my tits, or maybe my imagination. My cunt dripping all night. I woke up once begging or maybe many times.

In bed only a couple of hours left to sleep, naked and wet. Too hot to cuddle long. 

Lots to do and a busy night of calls and cleaning. Hoping Sir has a nice nap and a good trip home. 

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