today is a roller coaster and it’s just begun.

Last night Sir was so good to me, knowing what I needed. 

I came in from work, in my old lady clothes. We ordered pizza and I changed. We sat and talked and I was able to unwind. After dinner I got up and I had sat way to long, causing my foot to hurt. Sir bent me over and gave me a good hard spanking to replace the bad pain. He pressed my nipples making me moan. Then I sat and sir grabbed my hand and told me to cum. I came 10 times from just his hand and words. Sir said he couldn’t leave knowing that I still had no cum. Thank you Sir. Then he grabbed my left tit and pinched the nipple hard sending me into bliss, making my cu t drip. He let me cum, a good long slow orgasm and then twisted and said to stop no more cuming, I obeyed and cried, and floated. It was the perfect balance of control and release.

Then soft cuddles. I fell asleep very quickly. I am very emotionally and physically exhausted. This trip has drained me, even though we did not go out much.

Today I got ready quick and went in for one last cuddle. I put my head in the crook of his neck. He smelled like home. One last big hug goodbye. I cried a little at the bus stop.

Finally on the bus (it was 20 minutes late), then the subway. The train coming in and the giant woman in front of me decided her phone was more important than making the train. I just lost it. Yes I am that person behind you on the stairs saying move!!!!! Then one the next train, am old man that smelled like a dirty hamster cage. He kept knocking into me, hard. I asked him if he could see me, or did I die waiting for this train and am now a ghost. Honestly he didn’t speak any English so my outburst fell on deaf ears.

Now I’m back to being tired again.

I have lists of things to do this week, keeping me busy so I’ll be fine.

I just have to get through work, them home to laundry and the start of spring cleaning and purging for the move. It’s time to prep for a very big change! I’m excited and scared and sorry for acting like a commuting manic today.

I hope Sirs commute home is more peaceful than mine.

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