New vs old

Well like my list of partners I started this post and erased it.

I’m not ready to list this yet, so I’ll save it for another time.  

Last night I stayed in. Sometimes that can be more amusing than the best fetish party.

N finally got the divorced and was set for her first real swingers orgy. Three couples, I told her I would go and she had wanted me and her ex girlfriend there, but her guy said no. So I stood on standby. Told her any time of night call or show up. I was so afraid she would freak out. Truth was one of the other couples was Aruba girl and b, so I knew she’d be fine. Ag would come in all sexy and flirty, saying oh you’re such a cute little kitten and proceed to give her a slow passionate kiss and little n would forget all of her nerves. So I woke to a text from 3 hours ago that little n was fine and now officially part of the swingers world.

I just hope she maintains balance. Last time Sir and I saw her she looked bad. Too much stress in her life.

Then I spoke with fet girl and she was at my most favorite outlets ever doing some retail therapy. We also have some business connections so I’m going to help her out this Friday with a mixer and make some introductions.

Then I spoke with a girl that’s very sweet and bi curious. She’s cute and a nurse, so we talked work and boyfriend and about nerves when we meet new people. Also about how until we had the partners we are with now we were told our fantasies just made us whores(as in the bad kind;)

She never done more than kiss a girl. So I told her baby steps and it’s easier if you become friends first. So who knows maybe there will be a new girl to add to the cast of characters in my life.

Lol I said at the beginning of the year that most of my friends suck. Who would have thought I’d be replacing them in this manner!!!

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