Sleepy slave

ive been staying up later than normal. Not because I’ve been trying to, but more just loosing track of time.

I have so many lists to complete that I’m just exhausted today. I’ve decided to lay back down for a while.

Last night I fell asleep and had a dream of being bound to the bed spread eagle. Bling fold and ball gag on. I was very wet and nervous and Sir was petting my hair, telling me I was his good girl. That I would be used very hard for his enjoyment. I felt the clovers go on and I moaned. Someone was on the bed with me and I could feel Sir stand. He told me he was still there. Then a flogger to my clit, someone else in the room. My mind wanted to run but my body was leaving a puddle on the bed. Cold ice on my clit and then in my cunt hole pulls on the clovers. 

Then that’s it….I lost it to deep sleep. 

When I was little I would sleep walk. As a teenager I would have phone conversations in my sleep. Now I just mumble and sometimes talk, but last night was the first night I woke up edging. So for month 5 I now masterbate in my sleep. I woke to two fingers in my cunt and I was pinching my nipple. Guess my slave has graduated from humping the bed.

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