What a crap night

sir and I said goodnight, I slept for less than an hour.

I was up tossing and turning until 3:30. I was getting up at 5, but that didn’t happen.

It’s just stress. Lots and lots of stress. Like right now, I should be finishing work from friday and prepping for a 10 am meeting, but my heads not on straight yet.

I’ll be better once I get a plan on my move, but that won’t happen till the end of next month, so I’m just going to consintrate on …… Idk, maybe the gym. Lol, but my foot is killing me. Maybe the sauna?? 

I’m not in the mood to be social, so friends are not going to cut it. Everyone is just irritating to me right now.

The thought of adventures of play dates does nothing for me. I hurt too much and am bleeding too bad. 

I have no money, so shopping is out.

Maybe a long hot bath?

Also I feel like something has changed between Sir and I. Are communication seems off. Day 2 I woke to no emails. It’s not that I need them. I just look forward to them. There are also some questions regarding his life that have gone unanswered that are nagging at me. 

I tried 3 times to write him an email yesterday. One sounded rude, the other, lol, sounded domme, the third said plainly that I wished to return to vanilla life and wished him the best at finding a suitable slave.

So I guess I dropped again. I’m just indifferent to life right now.

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