I was in a good mood….

Until I got to work! 

Yesterday the drop was horrible. I was on the verge of tears all day. Sir knows when I get like this I need alone time and pain. I have to get good pain to level me out. I feel it’s a horrible loop I’m caught in. 

Yesterday I just couldn’t sleep, Sir tucked me in but my mind still wouldn’t shut down. I laid there tossing and turning. I called him again. I needed to hear him. I was so sore and so cold, not droping. I just really needed to be held by him. I needed to snuggle up and cuddle. I needed to fall asleep with my head on his lap as he read or watched Netflix. I needed to feel him pet my head and tell me good girl.

Sir did his best to do that through the phone. I did end up fast asleep.

I woke u late but refreshed. I felt great until I got trapped in a 4 hour meeting with no notice.

That’s work….nothing I can do about it.

I woke to a sweet email.

Thank you Sir

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