Sleepy slave

so very sleepy……I’m starting out my day very calm and quiet. Let’s see how long that will last.

Last night in yoga I set a resolution to be easier on myself. I’ve been finding that since Sir went home I’ve become hyper critical of me. I think it may just be that I look in the mirror and all I see is my advancing age.

Yesterday I almost told little R to go f herself. She was trying to tell me I should get a roomate. I don’t think she realizes that at almost 40. I am not ever going to have a roomate! I’ve owned a house, been married and not only that I make more than 2x her salary and if my ex would stop messing up and the irs would get off my back I’d be ok and could easly afford to live alone. 

Yesterday Sir and I set plans for his next visit. I can’t wait to be held again. I sent him a very honest email yesterday about how insecure I’ve been feeling lately.

I got home rather late, met a girl for a drink after yoga. She was nice enough to speak with, not unattractive, but there was just nothing there. She’s a hot wife, married at 19 and her husband likes to send her out on dates with mostly men to hear about them fucking. I mean to each his own but there was nothing about her that was attractive to me. Sometimes there’s just no chemistry.

Once I got home, collar on, clothes off. Sir promised I could cum. He let me have the clovers on and said to get the suction cup dildo and pocket rocket. I don’t remember much, I know I cried and tried to count but ……I came around 20 times. My cunt felt so good, my cum slut missed being used. The pain helping to put me deep into subspace so I could sleep. Sir had me wrap the thick course rope around my waist and with sweet words I closed my eyes. I woke up briefly about an hour later with he phone still in my hand.

I put it down and drifted off to sleep again. I woke up in the same position in a very large wet spot. I’ve noticed once my guard goes down and if I can stay peaceful….. I can reach a much deeper slave feeling. Sir was very kind last night, many good girls and soft words. I know that’s because of how I’ve been feeling lately. Today I really just wanted to stay home and lay in bed all day. My energy is at 0. Today I should be ok, a quick shopping trip and home to do chores. Maybe the brief alone time will be enough to recharge??? Idk😴 

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