i just ate the best bagel ever! 

Diet bet is done and I hit goal, but I was so hangry the last 2 days.

Later I’m going to happy hour, meeting fl girl. I wish I could be more excited, but now I just want to sleep. I have itis from breakfast. 

Sir said I could come today holding her hand with him on the phone or kidding her. I adore kissing her, but I still have an issue with pdA. That’s just my personality. The only time I am ever affectionate in public is when I’m drunk.

This is a part of me that I’m ok with. I feel being overly affectionate takes the joy out of it. I’m more of a simple touch or look, or hand hold kind of girl.

Plus I get to horny to quick, so a passionate kiss on the street just frustrates me. I want that kiss to lead somewhere. Guess that’s my cum slut speaking.

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