Just a dream

I woke up this morning in my collar, cuffs and thick rope around my waist. I was face down, legs straight, both hands grabbing my tits. The bed was a mess. My cunt dripping, pulsing. 

Some of the dream was lucid but mostly I just remember feeling. The feeling of waiting. The feeling of being bound, controlled and being used. I recall sir whispering how happy he was with his good slave. He said I allowed him something very special, but I don’t know what that was as I have no memory of what actually happened.

I know every part of me was sore, but beautifully sore. He freed me from whatever bound me and laying over his lap took the hits hi to my clit. He let the cum slut out and I cried and screamed having orgasm after orgasm. Then he worked it into my cunt, knowing this would make me completely used. After one final squirting o he held me. I could not stop shaking and crying. The bed covered in me. He rocked me back and forth with kind words I floated. Whatever happened, that was my reward for obeying.

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