Sweet goodbye

yesterday work was pure hell!

As I was wrapping up my last meeting Sir asked if I could meet him in the city to see him off. My only concern being if time would allow. I’ve learned I really don’t want to be late 🙂

Plus it was tuesday and I didn’t want to risk being stuck in the subway for our 6pm call.

I napped it out and it looked like time would be on our side.

I met Sir in a store that he loved. He was not surprisingly at the camera desk. After last Thursday it was nice to see him excited over discussing photography again. We had a little time to kill and he asked me if I wanted to eat. I said all I want was a beer!

Across the street is a pub I used to go to for happy hour and the weather was so nice they had the beer garden open. We were able to enjoy a few moments outside and when 6pm came we said happy Tuesday and all was right with the world.

I walked with him up to wish him a safe ride home and started my way. I took a train that left me in the middle of the financial district. I didn’t realize until I was there that a part of me wanted to prove that I still know that part of the city well. So off at breakneck speed I walked through every short cut, weaving in and out of people, streets and buildings like a pro. I got to my destination 10 minutes earlier than the direct train would have arrived and even stopped to get a bottle of wine.

Sir said he had left a note in response to the blog from yesterday. When I got home bags down, collar on I read the note. He said he will always remember 2 looks from this visit, the first when he surprised me on Thursday and the second hours later. He was very proud that I’m realizing he is not like the other men on my past. 

This week showed me the missing peice I’ve felt with having play partners. I knew it was sirs doing but I was able to tangibly feel and seeing how happy it made him. 

Off to tackle the world again today. 

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