No dreams at all last night. It’s really been some time since I’ve had any.

I’ve been having a tough time lately with shitting down. It’s not bad stress, it’s good stress. I find that I’m sleeping much more and would love nothing more than to stay in bed.

This weekend will be organizing my home and my head, so that next week I can change over to my summer routine. I need to start getting up at least an hour earlier. I need to hit the gym 5 days a week. I found an amazing class that I want to take in the city. It’s a version of pole that is also an arial class. It’s so pretty and I think it will help give me an idea of what suspension would feel like. So the idea is to hit the gym hard, so I can build up enough strength to really do well in the intro class. It will be like dancing in the sky. Plus no pressure to my knees and ankles!

But I really must make myself lighter first!!

Tonight is the first night I have no plans all week. I’ll reach out to N and Aruba girl later, but at such short notice I doubt they will be around. I’m oddly ok with a night alone. (Knock on wood), no drop yet and it’s been a few days, so maybe my hard and fast tradition to a busy work week kept it away.

Speaking of…..time to head to another meeting

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