Verbal diarrhea  

lately I’ve had little thoughts to blog, but now insert bottle of prosecco And my mind is going.

So alone and semi tipsy, I check my play partner sites. The swinger site has dried up. I’m good with that. With very few exceptions, little n, Aruba girl and the after work party group I found it lacking.oh so much drama and jealousy! Then there’s just the plain crazy people or the ones looking to up their numbers. So that whole thing started me thinking.

I ask… To all of the poly people, how does that dynamic work. I know in the past it was never a consideration. Lately I find just the sex and play lacking without the emotional bond. There are a couple of girls I really like, but how does poly differ from Fwb?

I’m sure sir and I will have a conversation later, but for now I pose this question to my fellow bloggers.

I also noticed that on my old profile that I met Sir on people were wondering why I didn’t respond to messages, so I put up a journal telling them I had found a good, Emotionally based, nurturing relationship. I wish them all luck, but I have my Sir and I like to go back there and read our first messages. So I just can’t delete it. 

So new profile I get a message from a much older Dom with a play room. I immediately think of New Year’s Eve and i respond. I just adored m’s room, so clean and pretty and oh such toys!!! Unfortunatly he has no subs and I looked, lots of interesting equipment, but no display. I’ve helped my family with merchandising and it’s just not visually appealing. Too bad, I think often of how nice it would be  5 months  later for Sir and I to play there once again. Maybe the search is started or now I guess continues for a nice local private dungeon. 

Oh and then to my fellow blogger little L or p or dd?? You should really consider a trip to the big apple!!!

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