Just a few of my favorite things…

I struggled through the first half of yoga yesterday. In part from the hour I worked out before class, but mainly everytime the teacher said remember to bring focus to your third eye, I mentally screamed at myself. My focus was horrible. It’s a hatha class, so lots of repetition and after 20 or so sun salutations, my brain shut up and I just moved.

The commute home was a blur, set on auto pilot due to reaching some stage of zen.

Back home and waiting for Sir, stripped to my collar and robe. He asks would I like pain and no cuming or toys and cuming. On any normal monday I would choose the pain. It’s like hitting reset in my head, but yesterday I needed to cum. He was shocked and said 10 minutes, 50 edges. I think I called in three, but he didn’t answer, so 10 minutes later I called back. Sir knowing what a bad space I was in mixed the pain with the pleasure. Binder on my clit and clovers on my tits, he said tonight I was going to do myself for him. I was an instant puddle. The plug in first, then the dildo, I cried and begged lol and drooled fucking my self over and over for him. One minute I could cum. He emailed me my count was somewhere between 29 and 30. Then he gave me a bonus, one more big one. Both toys out at the same time and I screamed from the pleasure of it. I’ve on hand to sooth my pain spots, then in my holes. Hearing over and over what a good girl I was. 

When I returned from my crumpled mess on the floor, there were puddles everywhere, drool, tears, cum, melted ice. The dildo was so covered in me it looked like a cock covered in its own cum. I send Sir a picture of it and he laughed and agreed!

After I had a nice long and funny conversation with one of my fellow bloggers. Sorry now you know why I sounded so tired at first!

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