my little cousin is sitting outside with a bunch of matchbox cars. He lines them all up in rows. I ask him “what are you doing” he says “playing traffic”. Lol, even at a young age traffic is something we deal with. So 2 hours of traffic and I’m at work. Btw my cousin will be 20 next month and I must say he’s still just a little weird.

I had horrible dreams last night. So I hardly slept.

Today is going to be hard. Yesterday talking with FG, I realized just how good my relationship with Sir is and how lucky I am that he takes such care with my emotions. Her Dom is jealous and ……. Well just not nice to her. They decided to have play partners because if not they would both cheat. Then they both get pissy with each other after. It’s almost like they are openly cheating because the emotions sound the same to me.  I think to them they have so much baggage that every additional person they are with just weakens their relationship.

On to funnier things. I got a message from little R last night to call her. She had some good news about her move but that’s not why. I get on the phone with her and she sounds frustrated. She starts with “I can believe in the last 10 minutes I broke 2 vibrators”. Lol, so of course call me. So today we look online for new ones. Ones that are R proof!

Random thought: I miss the feel of the flogger. Normally I long for the whip, but today I’m not feeling like much of a pain slut. I miss the soft leather stings to my ass and cunt. The sweet gentle pain. 

Guess I should get some work done….

I miss Sir…..mushy day ahead.

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