So you think it’s Friday?

ive been suffering from this all week. Everyday feels like it’s Friday. This morning Sir said well the thing tomorrow is in the afternoon. I’m on the bus scratching my head….saying what thing? It just hit me, he thinks it’s Friday too!!!

Ugh, all I want is to go home, draw a bath with candles, cold medicine, and a glass of wine. 

My hope is Sir will have time later. I need to cry, to set all of this stress in me free. I need to make his cock hard and tell him how much I miss it in my holes. It’s times like these that being apart sucks, but at least I won’t get him sick.

This cold has me with no focus or energy, but very horny. Wet to the point of distraction. It’s like cunt/cold brain. This is a new feeling I could do without!!! All of my plans are cancelled, so just a few more hours until this water girl is in a bath, floating and dreaming of all the naughty things i want to do with and for Sir.

Every body part aches and good pain is needed to replace the bad, oh and maybe more tiger balm. To top it off I had a very bad, bad yoga practice last night. I felt this cold coming on, but wanted to push though. So foot cramps, leg cramps, my knee went out, then my balance was off. I’m lucky I only pulled a few muscles, it could have been worse.

Sir and I agreed I have to get on a better scheduale and go more often than I have been. So next week, back to at least 2 additional classes in the city. 

Sleep has take over my old morning routine. For a year, I napped, so free time was abundant. Now I can’t drag myself from sleep until 6am. I just czar, my mind relishes that break.

For now… project to complete and one meeting this afternoon, then I’m finally going home, to relax, cry and sleep. Sorry Don our date might be postponed 😦

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