so after 11 hours of sleep I’m functional, but slow. I was so sick that when Sir asked what he could do to help…..I said “nothing”. It’s bad when I’m to sick to want pain or pleasure or both. All I wanted was bed. It helped, but sitting here at work is torment.

Little R caught her bf chatting with another woman again. So I’m sure there will be a long talk at lunch. I told her straight out… need to leave him. Now he’s going to turn it around that he does it because she doesn’t wear fuck clothes every night and won’t give him anal or threesomes. Does he realize she won’t do that because he calls her a whore every time they fight because 5 years ago she got drunk and kissed a guy. So buddy you don’t get a good whore when you are always calling her a bad whore.

He’s such a douche

6 thoughts on “Friday”

      1. It’s hard when you can see the truth behind a friends relationship, and they can’t. I REALLY hope she realizes that having no one is WAY BETTER than holding onto this waste of space. I am sure she thinks she loves him, but desperation, clinginess and fear isn’t love and never will be.

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