Now my head hurts

and all I want is a beer!

Ugh me and a room full of subs with no Doms is not a good idea. So much ….ugh. I can’t even put it into words.

I apologized to the leader because at one point I may have come off as confrontational. I don’t know if it was the know it all girl or the fact I was at the head of the table and that put me in the control mind frame. She doesn’t realize I really held back the wrath I wanted to unleash on her.

So sitting here with a beer, my mind is starting to calm down.

In hindsight I’m glad I said what I did. It shut her up and I saved my self from a horrible headache. I don’t believe I was mean or rude but it was very “don’t judge my dynamic because it’s not yours”. She even said she was called out the night before for her opion on M/s, so then why would you go into a room full of subs and start the same crap?

She’s listing all the stuff that daddy Doms do that masters don’t? So I turned to her and said mine does all of that, down to the sweet tuck in at night. I told her she may have been mistaking what she sees in public play for the relationship. In public I want pain, my scenes are pain and sex. I’m not a little so those kind words are whispered in my ear, not part of the scene. 

So then she goes on to the whole “I had an emotionally abusive relationship” so I turned to her and said really? My last relationship ended with two broken ribs. So how do you think it is to go to a Dom and say… Hey I need an emotionally nurturing sadist, oh and btw I’m new to D/s and totally broken from my first relationship. She then went to say something about well your a slave? So I asked her if she ever had a cat? If you feed a cat is responds better than when you throw water in its face! So she didn’t get the a slave does what they do because they need too and they enjoy it when it’s in a healthy relationship. Problem is…. None of them that spoke had good relationships. So I don’t know that I’m welcomed back, oh well…. 

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