My stories 

so one of the reasons I write this blog is because In my normal conversations my story telling is horrible. Well on Friday I figured something out.

Sir can’t understand with me being irish and all why they are so bad. So I’m out with my oldest male friend and ex work husband of over a decade. He introduces me to his new girl. So i recapping in a vanilla fashion myast year and doing a hell of a story telling job. There were laughs, tears,hugs and the missing  peice …… Beer!!! Lol and I’m not talking being drunk, nope, just a beer in my hand and I can tell a story even better than I can write it!!!

Today was nice, back into the city with female A. Brunch where she made fun of me for having a sprout and hummas sandwich. Then walking and shopping (brought 3 bucks worth of stuff). Then a roof top cantina and a well deserved mojito. She gets a call that her friend (in hospice) pasted so we cut the day short. I decided since I was still energized to pick up some drug store essentials on my way home and it was glourious. There was no traffic, it was like this whole island went on vacation and it was just me and a few others left. So a nice day and now my date with Don.

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