Dom Don 

On my couch feeling ugh… Another day spent with the dogs and Don. I called Sir and we had a nice chat.

When he went to go, him still in work mode, I did a little …aw, but I just wanted to hear his voice.

I was telling him that I got to the episode with the doctors wife where Don finally goes all Dom. He tells her to crawl and get his shoes, wait naked in bed for him then with the red dress on that she exists only to please him! Finally they do it, let him be him. Lol, it really made me miss Sir. I called him right after. I even told him when watching it I thought “yep that’s something Sir would do”. (Sighs longingly) 

Miss you Sir, going back to hang with Dd and hope the birds stop flying into my window!

Oops forgot the line at the end

“in this room, you exist solely for my pleasure”

Sends shivers up my spine. Wish I felt better.

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