i like my privacy.

Just a little known fact. I do not go around giving people my real number. Sir made sure I have a private number that is not traceable. 

Yesterday at 12:01 am I recieved the first of 8 calls from an unknown number. I’ve only picked up twice once to an offer to listen to a guy masturbate, the next asking why I don’t want him to lick my cunt. I have no clue who this guy is and the worst part…. He has my real number. I don’t recognize the voice and I can’t block him. 

I guess he may be getting the idea I’m not going to answer, he’s only called twice today.

I may be a perv, but really, does this ever work? I mean come on guys?? 

Home sick and getting crank calls, ugh.

6 thoughts on “Unknown”

  1. “REALLY?” I can’t tell you how many times I have thought the same thing. I usually feel really sarcastic and make some comment like, ” Wow! With moves like that, the panties must just fall off.” 😏

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