I made it!

It is oddly a comfort to sit at my desk again. I miss my coffee, but ginger ale will do for today. My commute was great until I hit the R train. People, please DEODORANT!!! It really works. Aside from the smelly armpit in my face it was ok.

Today will be a day of emails and generally annoying people that thought they could hide from me since I was sick 🙂

Speaking of smells, I miss the smell of Sir. I miss cuddling up to him and how good and comforting he smells. It’s no one thing he wears, it’s just his smell.

Also, lol, I miss being wet. When u get sick like this, the slave goes away…..far away. I literally have not a hole to use at the moment. Even with the chills I got from last night, no puddle at all (unless you count night sweats). So for now it’s just mental and mush. My body not able to react in a physical way. Thank you for understanding that Sir.

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