Late to the party

just finished watching ……. Yup, 50 shades.

My review:

I yawned (fell asleep the first 3 times I tried to watch it)

I laughed (at the contract negotiation)

Got mildly aroused (would really like that bed they had)

Thought he was a douche(too many times to list)

Thought she was stupid(just at the end)

The end.

I’m not ashamed to admit, I read the books. They were just a way to kill time on a rather long commute. They were just badly written fluff, but sometimes I enoy shutting the brain down and enjoying some mindless entertainment. 

Plus I finished all of madmen on Netflix, thank you thunderstorms and Tummy aches.

One thought on “Late to the party”

  1. I haven’t read the books, but that really is more a matter of opportunity than intent. I haven’t heard good things, and I’ve heard the movie is worse…. but that bedroom in the photo looks fantastic! I’ll take one of those, minus the crap plot lines.


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