Why I don’t like Girls

Yesterday afternoon I told Sir that I don’t like girls.  He said since when. I didn’t say I wasn’t attracted to girls, it’s just in general I don’t get along with most of them.

I tend to find it easier (with a few exceptions) to be friends with guys.  My old work husband says that I think like a dude and well, he thinks like a bitch so that’s how we’ve gotten along so well. I’m just not into the games. Most woman I know play them constantly. Last night talking to C I called her out on them. I told her if you don’t want guys playing games with you, then you should stop playing them back.  She didn’t like that very much.

I think it’s why I suck so bad at flirting with girls.

But on to better things.  Last night as I was naked in bed with Don Sir wanted me to make his cock hard. I’ve been sick so long that he missed my pain moans.  Clamps on all three spots, some needed twisting. The Hitachi on them, then clamps off and just the vibrator on my clit, then role over and let me body weight press it in. Within seconds of the first good pain there were tears and begging. Sir told me I could not cum. It was no punishment, but I needed to remember what being his slave felt like again.  He was right that I had forgotten how good the pain felt. How needed the edging and denial is.  I floated in subspace with tears running down my face. So calm, so happy, picturing Sir petting my hair as I heard him say good girl, just enjoy the feeling. I tried to tell Sir thank you many times, I don’t know if the words came or not.

I was up early this morning. Full of nausea and energy. I have a doctors appointment in the morning, ugh.

Still not well, but at least my cunts wet and my mind is semi-quite.

2 thoughts on “Why I don’t like Girls”

  1. I am like you, I get along better with guys. I work in a male dominated profession, I just find it easier to get along with them. Dont get me wrong I have a few girlfriends that I can get along with but for the most part girls bring too much drama and I see that so much at my work place…there aren’t many females but they are always competing for the guys attention and stabbing each other in the back. Its ridiculous. But any who, glad you got to spend time with your Sir!! Hopefully you continue to get better!

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