Oh mondays

Doctors appointment cancelled. Today I will have to go to work, see an apartment, go to the urgy center, try to make it to yoga by 6.

I think I can get it all in. Plus I have a 9am meeting, fml.

The storms here were horrible and we have pretty bad flooding. Maybe the person in meeting with was unable to fly in, that’s my hope!

I had a few topics I wanted to blog about, but no time to do so until later.

I did have a really nice dream. Sir sitting at the table doing his work. Me at the other end with a domme. It was a very enjoyable scene and every couple of minutes Sir would look up, smile, say good girl and return to his work. Until she bent me over the table hands cuffed and started fucking my cunt, I was screaming, the hitachi taped to my clit. I begged, cried and pleaded to cum. Sir got up, grabbed my hair removing me from my spot on the table. Bent at the waist still being fucked he shoved his cock in my mouth. I knew I didn’t cum until he did. I sucked like never before, staying right on the edge. Too bad I woke up right as I felt his cock twitch on my tongue.

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