Too noisy 

everywhere I go today is just too loud. 

Either that or maybe I’m just too sensitive to my surroundings. I want to crawl into a dark room and relax.

Instead I’m at work, even the guy typing near me is annoying.

I don’t have much to write about, Sir’s not feeling well, I’m just starting to feel better. Life is pretty uneventful, work, look at an apartment, gym then sleep.

I have drinks planned with a local girl Thursday, not getting my hopes up. She’s from a swingers site and the last few people I’ve met from there have been boring, no chemistry ….

lol, yes it’s happened, swingers have become too vanilla for me. Either that or I’m just loosing my ability to connect with people. It happens sometimes when I’m stressed, I get….frustrated by, most little things. It’s when my type a side comes out and the ocd kicks up. I start picking apart every little thing. Not one of my better qualities.

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