Still not much to write about.

I’m feeling better, except I’m still waking up sick. It passes after a couple of hours.

Sir’s cold sounded worse and for three days I’ve been tucking him in. He sounds so tired, so early. So with him sick and my stomach being off we are just kinda floating through our days.

Last night I saw an apartment that I really like, then the gym and sauna. Sir called 2 minutes early I was just getting out of the sauna and called back on time. Then when I got home I put my Luna’s in and….well, nothing. Whenever my stomach acts up I go dry. I was able to eat a sweet potato. 

Turns out C is in the hospital from this virus. I feel crappy that I gave it to her. She’s dehydrated and they have her on a morphine drip for the pain. Makes me realize being a madochist isn’t all bad, I hardly ever need to take pain killers or medications of any kind. I just grin and bare it.

Tonight gym yoga and….dying my hair, typical Wednesday. I’m just exhausted.

The rest of the week will be back to running around and random adventures.

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