oh sweet wine, I’ve missed you.

Today was really really shitty, except for work, that was oddly good.

Bad news on the apartment hunt. Then went to see another that was about the size of my cubical.

So tummy ache be damned I’m drinking my after yoga wine. I’ve cried randomly three times today. Once during yoga. I keep telling myself when this crap comes up, it must happen for a reason. There’s something better that I just haven’t found yet.

Poor Sir is still sick. He sounds so horrible. I wish I could make him all better, but sadly I can’t. 

I’m defiantly a slave with control issues today. I just want to be done with this step of moving on. I no longer want to be here, I want that fresh start already.

I did get a really nice pain fix today, back bends in an advanced class. So my body is numb and I am hopeing for my mind to be after my wine.

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