i should just change this blog from stories for Sir to my misadventures in nyc apartments.

I am now giving nicknames to all of the scary places I go to see. Yesterday was Rosemary’s leaning baby.

The hall looked like a scene from American horror story asylum. It was complete with a non verbal 300 pound autistic woman screaming to her  toothless mother in a house dress (the super).

I had made fun of a listing that had clean well lit hallways as an amenity. Never again! This place had next to no light in the hallway and smelled like decaying bodies. 

So up the stairs I go, the apartment was right over the supers. The thought if listening to that woman scream in frustration all night was not a good start, but I continued on. 

We opened the door to face a creepy long hallway with rooms at the end. No flow and small as hell. I measured said it’s too small, thank you anyway. Something else was off in this prewar horror house. As I left I turned back And the entire place leaned to the right. It was like being in some sort of terrible carnival funhouse.

By the time I got home my head was pounding. Sir was still sick, so I talked to the bride for a bit. By 8pm my head got the better of me and for the first time all week I called Sir to be tucked in. He was just getting up from a nap. So with sweet words I closed my eyes to forget about another failed day.

Off to work, meeting, conference calls, training classes, then another broker that not in so many words I called a douchebag yesterday. His let me tell you the cost, think you could afford that? Yes, as a matter of fact I can. Not saying because my food budget is 5 bucks a week, but how dare he!! Then another asked me if I get paid in cash? Wtf, really, no guy, I have a corporate job. I already told him my title, did he think I was making it up?

So my adventures continue……

Sir said nyc real estate is a full time job and I couldn’t agree more!

2 thoughts on “Names”

  1. You could just think your living in the leaning tower of Pisa?
    Good luck, where I live we have a less than 1% vacancies rate for rental units. Thus i live with friend. 😦

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