Productive slave

the morning has flashed by in a blink, meetings, paperwork. Down to the second view on the 2 final apartments after work. Applications and paperwork all in order. I think I needed less to get a mortgage than this place!

Sir was very proud of how much I’ve been able to do in such a short time.

I have to say it’s been really hard, both of us not feeling well and being so busy with other things. The communication not what we would normally have. The nagging voice in the back of my head….wondering if we can get back to that place we were before these past couple of weeks. Then I wonder if it’s only me feeling this way? He sounded better on the phone, but…. I guess that I’m worried about me and how hyper-focused I am at this time.

Lol, I was told by a “domme” last week that I am too Dom to be a sub. That if I had a stronger master (hate that title-just my preference) that I would act differently. So what, I’m supposed to be weak and lacking the ability to get shit done??? 

And the in less that a day I get a fetlife message from another sub that says:

Sounds like you are smitten. One of the things I like least about women is that they are so weak to men. But I don’t mean that in a judgmental way. 🙂

Really? I mean, seriously? The message to her was sorry I rsvpd to your event, but Sir is coming in and i won’t be able to make it……

I’ve noticed that because I’m in a relationship, single subs automatically hate me? Or is it just more fetlife drama? I really did try with the whole community thing, but I’ve discovered that most of the people I’m running across pretty much suck.

I have enough doubts and real life pressures that even entertaining these type of crappy messages pisses me off.

I think fetlife should have a idiot button. If someone acts like a moron you should be able to indicate it to others. Plus this is an event coordinator, why would you be such an ass to the people that you make your money off of? This was a girls only event and that’s the way you communicate?

Sorry for the foul potty mouth, but …. Sometimes my internal dialogue is that of a true New Yorker.

6 thoughts on “Productive slave”

  1. Dom, sub, Master, slave, strong, weak, dependent or in total control, why do we have to limit who we are by some silly definition of a word that you have decided fit? I really hate when someone tells me I’m not sub enough or I should label myself this or that. I get to call myself ANYTHING I want to and I get to live Anyway I want to. Have fun with your Sir and forget about the rest. 😊

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  2. Oh, how I would kill for an idiot button on FL. And I’m stringofpearls. Why are we not all friends already? So crazy.

    I concur – labels are just ridiculous and cause more problems than they’re worth. I’m a sub, a Domme, a switch, a former slave, an entrepreneur, a single mom, a teacher, an artist… it’s just silly. I’d spend absolutely NO time responding to the people with negative energy. Life is too short for that nonsense. Bust a time step, pirouette in your kitchen, and charleston your way through this awesome week in anticipation of the lovely things to come!


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    1. I say we start a petition for that button!! I believe we are all way too many things to fit one title, even in my first blog, my first post was about that. I’m good though, today is the day all this stress will end! I will be dancing with a glass of wine kissing my old apartment goodbye tonight.

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