Train is coming

yesterday was a great day. 

My broker of choice, let’s call him Denzel  freeman, took my application and promised an answer within 2 days. I found a nice but just a bit too small backup apartment.

Funny to watch my mother totally smitten by my broker. She didn’t realize it’s because he has a very comforting Dom way about him. So my mother was under his spell and I just laughed.

Then back home and as Sir promised we had a nice long chat. His next trip will be postponed, we both agreed neither one of us is feeling well and we would end up on the couch all weekend just being hermits.

Today has not been so good. My damn work computer keeps acting up. Yet again proving all electronic devices hate me!!

Then I get a text from the broker that since my ex and I filed joint on our taxes the rental office wants separation or divorce paperwork. Lol, sure if I had any. So I offered to get proof of his address. What more can I do? He’s not going in he lease, nor is he even going to know where I live, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to shell out more cash to fold papers. So I haven’t heard back……but my gut says I’ll be out looking again tomorrow😣

7 thoughts on “Train is coming”

  1. Oh man. On the mother thing, it is so weird to think of your mom as being submissive, but my mom completely fell under the spell of my Dom at a Christmas dinner we had. It was so disturbing.

    And as for the real estate thing, I feel your pain. Wish I was closer. I’d bring over a bottle of wine, some chicken soup, and chick flicks. Also, a large sledgehammer to make quick work of our work computers.

    “Rollin… rollin…”

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    1. I thought of throwing my computer through a wall, but then I wouldn’t get my security back!!
      The mother thing was so out of character. She’s normally very confrontational but he put her in a trance I think it was the Denzel looks and the Morgan freedmen voice, but she was in a trance. She made it a point to say that if I go back again she wants to go with me.
      Just about to open the last bottle of wine. I was going to save it to celebrate, but not yet….so pity party of one for now.

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      1. Still drinking? I just finished teaching and my kids basically ensured that my sitter would never return. Locked her out of the house and everything. I am about to pour myself a vodka tonic tonight. All I can do is listen to my new Melody Gardot album and try to relax a bit… no pity party for one. I am so right there with you. Love, LG

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