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well it’s Friday, my most favorite day of the week. Sadly I woke up and within an hour I was sick as a dog. Yesterday I ate solid food and my doctor said to stay on mush, but I was so so hungry. 

So today I’m paying for it. 

Just trying to stay cool and this weekend I will be pool hopping. 

I’ve been invited to 4 different places tonight. 

Sir likes the idea of me going to a hotel party. I’m afraid that I’ll end up puking on someone. Never though that would be my biggest concern when thinking about an orgy, but yes…’s a real fear.

Also going to get together with the new girl (no name yet) tomorrow night. We have a good deal in common and have been chatting often. Looking forward to see where this goes but like my play partners in the past im not getting my hopes up. They have mostly been one and done. That’s not really what I’m looking for. I would like to have more of a female fwb. Nothing serious, but nothing empty. 

Someone that understands Sir comes first, but can be a companion, not just a ….. Whatever.

This week has been long and hard. Last night I sat down to knit and watch some tv. I put my head down for a second and oops, I woke at 11something to Sir calling telling me to go to bed. I really underestimated just how tired I am.

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