My second happiest Tuesday

i told Sir earlier in the day I was numb, blah, on the verge of tears. My stress level was off the charts. He had me clamp and nothing… cunt was dry. 

I wanted to cry harder.

Sir asked questions and had me think of it was the 6 month mark, that we had both been sick. 

During this time Sir got good news on a family matter and I was so happy for him.

Then the texts started from my broker. He wanted a vaccination letter for my dog. I freaked….what next? Blood of a virginia, piss of a unicorn? I mean really. So I asked him, guess you forgot to take the dog off the application? 

He said sorry, but yes….ugh.

Needless to say in my saving for this move, the dogs getting shots were not on the top of the list. I have canine house cats! They are little and even when they go out they poop on concrete. 

So I started to scramble…..

It dawned on me, does this mean I got the apartment? He said I can sign the lease next week!!!! 

I was so happy, I texted Sir in the middle of a meeting. I told everyone! 

No more long commutes, I can walk to work. No stress on if I’ll be homeless or freeze to death next winter. Or worse, turn 40 sleeping on my mothers couch!

Sir sent me an email telling me tonight would be good pain and pleasure. Toys for all of my holes, collar and cuffs. 

“you will cry for me tonight

you will get my cock hard tonight

your cunt-hole will get wet tonight

your slave-hole will be plugged tonight while the suction-cup dildo is in cunt-hole

you will puddle tonight

you will find PEACE AND SAFETY lying on the wooden floor when I am done using you

slave will start to wakeup tonight”

After the good news I re read it and my cunt dripped again. 

Waiting for sir home with my Luna’s in edging for him.

It may take a little time to bring me back, but I think I should be better now that the biggest stress is gone. 

I may even try solid foods……no, tomorrow. Don’t want to push this good streak!

Thank you Sir for caring for and about me. I’m sorry if I let life’s little dramas affect me so much.

Happy tuesday!!!

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