so I’ve figured out a bit of why I’m not so fond of swinger parties. I feel like the anomaly, the red head in a room of blonds. 

In most cases it lacks the connection that I need. I love the idea of Sir sharing me, but there’s something weird about how I feel when it’s not with like minded people….damn, now I have more to figure out!

Funny that fet girl said the exact same thing today. She’s not into random sex. 

Plus to me they are mostly vanilla. Sex is easy, there’s nothing to it. D/s is hard, it takes commitment and communication. If I didn’t feel so cared for and safe with Sir I would never have stayed and grown as much as I have under his guidence.

I know Sir likes swingers. So sir says go and I go. I’ve run into a few that I really do like, but rarely in a party environment.

I like the intimacy of a small play date or the wildness of a Bdsm club. They are ying and yang to me. The inbetween not so much.

More tomorrow, gym time 

5 thoughts on “Swingers”

  1. We have the same problem with swingers, we enjoy the connection with someone before sex. The other issue we have is with swingers the “yes” is implied until you say “no”, there is never any expressed consent given. I don’t mind you touching My toy, but you had better ask first! 😉

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      1. I’m lucky that the one swinger group we go to parties with has a level of respect, so they (most of the time) will at least ask. With each party the amount of kinky people grows. I joked before you know it these will be fetish parties, not swingers parties.

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      2. We do enjoy the “swinky” (kinky swinger) people, they definitely act with far more respect. Unfortunately though, on the left coast there are far more swingers than kinky people. It will hopefully tip more on our side of the scale eventually!

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