Just a typical Thursday night- Part 2

As with many of my adventures part two was….comical

So more people had arrived, we were now at about 30 people. Sir had told me while I was gone that this young little blond and the artist had been playing and that the young girl giggles when she cums. He said it was the cutest thing and I had to see it.

She was up against the window, a guy in front of her and her friend fucking her from behind. I got on the floor and started licking her. something in her reaction said to me stop and just play with her. Not even a minute later she squirted ( for the first time ever) and went into a fit of girly giggles! It was adorable and the most unexpected reaction every!

Her friend was also amazed, he had never seen a girl squirt. So talking with her after we found out it was her first party and she was having all different firsts. She had never been in a threesome, never been with a woman. Always had these fantasies and was BDSM curious. So Sir took out the warton wheel, then the whip and Fet girls partner had a very lite flogger. Many girls tried many things they always dreamed of that night.  The artist even broke her crop!

So she will be known forever as giggles. Her lust for new experiences and her adventurous and ……. not child like, but more general excitement is refreshing.  She showed interest in coming to a fet event tonight and Sir said that I was going to practice my horrible flirting. I said that it should be easy, I’ll just ask her to spank me.  She says she’s not sure if she more Dom or Sub, we both laughed (she a total Sub) but I’m not one to pass up a good girl spanking!

So yesterday was a day to recover. I was up early and finally got my lease signed!

I had mentioned to Sir with all the licking and sucking my mouth hurt. Horrible side effect of a fun Thursday, my blow jobs are just not up to par.

When we had gotten home Thursday Sir and I continued to play. He claimed my slave hole again and let me feel the bliss at the other end of his whip, but I was so tired(up almost 24 hours) that I really almost fell asleep sucking his cock. With most of my issues it just took a couple of good strokes of the whip and I was wide awake and able to give Sir the pleasure he needed.

Off to cuddle……More adventures to rest up for tonight.

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