Just a typical Thursday night

After work I headed to the gym then sauna.  Sir was coming in so off to the city with coffee in hand.  We met up with fet girl and her partner.

I had written how I really don’t like the swinger scene, so Sir said he might have a little surprise for me.  I’ve been so busy with work and life in general that I have been a bit neglectful of the messages I receive on some sites.  Earlier in the week I had mentioned that I peaked at a site and there were a few messages I didn’t respond to, but they looked interesting. I had put it out of my mind and comtinued on with my week.

So into the party we went, four D/s people and over 20 swinger in one luxury hotel room. It was too hot and crowed. I brought wine but we had nothing to open it with. Now here’s where my head has no idea of the time line of events.

Introductions were made. FL girl was not happy about being there, it’s more her partners kink, than hers and we have similar feeling re vanilla swingers.

Sir introduced me to a beautiful tall blonde Russian woman, I’ll call her the artist, and her husband.  She was my surprise! She had sent a message a while ago and she sounded too good to be true. A new Domme. Not much experience, but wanting to explore more.

Turns out her and Sir had been messaging all day as I was working. Our kinks very much in line a scene had been pre set. Now keep in mind, everyone else was still very much clothed. maybe a tit here and there, but play had not started yet. We wer in the corner near the windows…I know the clovers came out and there was touching, sotf and sensual and the much needed blindfold, so I could block out the others.

Sir in a chair and me on the floor, Ass up and face down.  She had brought toys. I feel the lube and pressure on my ass. At this time I had all but forgotten that I had my Luna’s in. Sir said to take them out….I have no idea where they are right now…ugh.  Then I felt her fucking my slave hole and I was gone…straight into subspace. Lots of begging and licking and sucking and fucking. When we had finally stopped for a break, I looked around and the whole room was naked and everyone was in one form or another having sex. we continued to play on and off. I had cum over 50 times. After the blindfold was off I looked at the size of her strapon and OMG no wonder it couldn’t go in with the Lunas!! Her and Sir I would hear clips of them talking and him guiding her as to what to do.  She was amazed that I was able to take the clovers on my clit. The only bad part of that being (as I later told Sir) that for about an hour after I’m numb and when she licked my clit I had no feeling at all.

I would lover to be able to recount all of the different things we did….but they are foggy memories at best.

The important part of the whole night is that Sir found a solution to my dislike of the swinger parties……just turn them into mild fetish parties instead! It was still weird being in the minority, but some of the other less vanilla people enjoyed the show and I’m sure most of the men did as well. Even with out the BDSM aspects not many guys would be turned off by two woman fucking.

So smelling of sex and all things good I went downstairs….2 times. Once to get a crock screw. A little flirting with the bell boy and I had one in less than 30 seconds. Then another time for a very much needed smoke. There was a gala event going on and as I was outside about 10 tv celebrities came out.  It was fun knowing I had nothing but address and heels on, stinking of sex as I watched the tourists get autographs. It was one of those surreal moments that you think, life doesn’t get much more fun than this!

So back upstairs for part two of the night.

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