Graduation day

Up early for a graduation. Sir Must have had trouble sleeping. He once told me in our very first conversation I would be able to cum just because he told me. I thought he was crazy. This visit I’ve cum for him with just a single command no less than 20 times. My cunt juices are still running done my leg.

I awoke In a full  glorious o today. No toys pain or cock. Just Sir in bed with me, his good cum slut. His arm around my neck he tells me to cum again. Sheets off, feeling my need for him to cum. He fucked my cunt hard, I clench my cunt on his cock and I am whole and complete. Not knowing what else Sir needs i wait. It may have been the crop or something else but hard quick strokes of pain on my ass, permission to cum with each stroke, I float. He presses against me saying good girl as I shake and cry, cum again. Knowing his cum slut will make him happy. 

A great start to a great day.

I’ll be gone, away from Sir, doing my vanilla obligations knowing he is with me ever time I sit! Thank you Sir….for such a beautiful way to wake up and for the note.

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