Dominance vs Domineering

Very well said

A Look into a Dominant Man and his Submissive.

So if you are vanilla (and not knowledgeable of bdsm) and wondering about the difference between dominance and domineering, it’s rather simple. A domineering man tells you what to do and makes you do it because he wants you to do as he says. He doesn’t lead you, he barks orders at you in order to make himself feel like he’s in charge. He’s not. He’s trying to feel better about himself and needs to assert himself onto you. He may abuse mentally, emotionally and physically. You may even confused it as a dominant man. You may think he’s being macho (sigh), you may think he is trying to lead. He’s not. If you feel badly about yourself, it’s not dominance. It’s abuse.

Dominant men never leave you feeling badly about yourself. Dominant men lead. They take into consideration what is best for you. No, not into consideration, it’s the…

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4 thoughts on “Dominance vs Domineering”

  1. I was just having this discussion with some new people at a workshop a few weeks ago. There is a big difference between domineering boys who stomp their feet and throw tantrums to force you to do what they want, and Dominant Men who know how to gently but firmly go after the woman.

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      1. It’s confidence and respect, my slave was talking with a “Dom” who didn’t understand the respect part. He said “I’m going to put my hands around your throat and force you to your knees!”… She said “first of all you will never have that opportunity, secondly you may not like the outcome if you put hands on me and try and force anything “. He was confident but wasn’t respectful.

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