in the last 10 minutes….. My cunt has totally taken over. The dreaded cunt brain is back.

I got my period this morning and I get a weird combo of not wanting to be touched and the overwhelming need to have my clit and nipples played with by Sir.

I wish I could fully describe the feeling I get when he takes me from behind, making me cry and beg. I am owned, there is never a thought of the task at hand other than being his slave. There is no control over my cunt. It pulses for him. 

I long to be edged by him. The hitachi in his hands, making my clit need to explode….the need to beg and plead to Sir is more than just a passing thought right now. It’s horrible having so much clothes on, being so far from him.

Home….for a happy tuesday together. I’m thinking of leaving just a little early today. Sir was not feeling well when I left, I’m hoping he rested and is better. Even if he’s not, it will be good to just be in his presence tonight.

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