A tuesday together 

yesterday was only our second happy Tuesday that we were physically together. I got home from work 5 minutes prior to my normal call time.

Sir and I kissed and a big hug all very mushy. He then said now I would get to cry and feel the whip.

Bent over the bed waiting as my cunt dripped Sir gave me beautiful welts. Then turned over my legs spread wide holding my ankles, he flogged my cunt and I cried so hard, I needed to beg, but no words came out. When Sir allowed me to cum it was magical. There were other ways he made me cum, hip points, nipples etc…. But they all blurred into one deep subspace. I remember trying to tell Sir thank you, but I couldn’t make ….. The words form. I shaked and cried and it was as though a switch in my head was flicked and all of the stress floated away. Even now I am much more calm than I was yesterday. I shouldn’t be because I sat in over an hour of traffic to get to work.

Sir later asked me to compare the whip cum to the flogger….it took a little to figure it out. I like them both almost equally, but I need them differently. I told him the whip hurts and the flogger doesn’t. Now that I’ve had more time to think.. When I’m stressed and want to cry almost sad tears I need the whip. When I’m numb or need to feel more, I crave the flogger. It makes my body spasm, I also cry, but it’s more a happy cry, a “I feel more than I could ever imagine cry”.

When the two are together the subspace is perfect. My stress gone, the sadness out and the happy cum slut returns.

I don’t know if it was a dream. I know Sir has had trouble the past couple of nights sleeping. I think I was pressed against him (the feeling of sore nipples against his chest is perfection). I think he was stroking my arm and telling me to cum. At least I hope so because if not I was just randomly cuming in my sleep. 

I’m so very horny today. I drempt of Sir edging me with the hitachi. I would get so close and he would say no and stop. Then he would start again. My tears and crying (passed the point of begging) making his cock very hard. My hands cuffed and ankles cuffed. My leash was on and Sir was chocking me with it, then rubbing the chain on my sore cunt and nipples. He keep edging me until I could no longer stand it, my eyes rolling and no noise left to make. Then he grabbed me off the bed, kneeling in my spot, fucking my slave hole mouth and cuming on my face. Sir was so happy with his good girl. Petting my hair, telling me I’m his good slave. His good slut and whore. Telling me I’m his. Warm safe and cared for.

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