Wet and mushy

Tomorrow sir leaves and the packing begins. I will have 2days and 2night to organize purge and pack. This will be a very good thing for me. I’ll be literally getting rid of baggage from my past and although it’s going to be hard work….I can’t wait to begin!!!!

None of this can be done with Sir there, mainly because of my wet mushiness. With both of us being sick those weeks it was an adjustment to get back into my normal state of mind, but right now I’m wet, like dripping wet and if I even touched my clit I could cum. I want to be denied but pushed to the point that when he counts back from 10 my mind goes. 

Sitting at work with full cunt brain not able to think of anything except his touch, his command. Feeling at my neck for my collar that is home waiting with Sir for me.

I always become super mushy on our last night, but I’m happy that his next visit will be to somewhere new and exciting.

Odd I need a hug equally as much as I need to cum. Calling sir, just to say hi.

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