All holes down

i feel like utter crap.

Yesterday home to see Sir. Remember how I said he listens. Well I really do need to remember that better!!

So sir decided that he would edge me all night, no cums at all. I had recieved an invite to a play party in a penthouse tonight and there was a chance that the artist would also be going. Sir knows the more I edge the more powerfully I cum.

In the kitchen his hands sending me floating. Then Sir says it’s time for the hitachi. There’s something so much better about him putting it on my clit. Clovers on my tits and I really came close a few times to cuming. The clovers didn’t last long. Sir told me to turn over laying on the hitachi. Then the flogger came out and the tears came….I remember saying no over and over….the whole time meaning don’t stop, but telling my body no don’t cum!  Sir softly petting my ass as I cried good tears, happy tears.

After I sat with Sir at the table still very spacey and happy. We retired to the living room. All of a sudden I turned to Sir and said I don’t feel right. Sharp pain, it felt like an ice pick in my gut. Sir put me to sleep. It was bad and uncomfortable. I cried bad pain tears most of the night.

Sir was still sleeping when I left. Now I’m at work, still in pain.

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