Hard goodbyes 

it was nice to see Sir before he left. 

Just one drink then we parted ways after a brief chat on the corner. He has his new toy and made me play tourist as he snapped pictures In the city.

When I started walking back to the boat a sadness came over me. I didn’t look back because I didn’t want to leave Sir with the image of sad tears, since I gave him so many good happy ones this week.

Sir joked later that he knew I really didn’t feel well because after being edged over 100 times, I didn’t want to cum. I just wanted to go to sleep. The most truthful joke ever. Yes Sir when I am better I will be begging.

Oh and I packed all of the toys away. That was much harder than I thought. I can still get to them, but it will take about 5 minutes. Plus……the hitachi is unplugged. That only happens when I go to sleep horny.

So big changes are finally here, I’m stressed and a little sad, but mostly happy.

2 thoughts on “Hard goodbyes ”

  1. Here’s to “see you soon” and fresh new starts. You are so blessed to have Him and all of the struggles you’ve had are beginning to drop away, bit by bit. So you’re rightfully melancholy, to be sure, but I’m so excited to see the shape your life is starting to take. Feeling lucky to be your friend and can’t wait to celebrate your fresh, new, lovely life with you! Hope there’s sunshine and parasols today.

    Lady Grey

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