I don’t have time for this…..

This being cunt brain.

Everytime I blink it’s like a second of a dirty image plays in my head. 

My cunt is dripping and pulsing and…..my brain is foggy.

I have too many very important things to do. The results of all of my edges, days ago are now coming to a head. 

Sir said I can edge with the binder after my meetings. Sometimes the pain puts me back together. 

Right now….I’m not functioning well. All I think is damn all my toys are packed, all I have is the hitachi out. The whore In me just wants to say “screw this day” and go home, watch porn and beg sir to cum..plead and cry for him.

I know I can’t do this.

I know I won’t be home for another 8 hours at least.

I’m mushy, wet, needy and too busy to make it stop…..

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