A girlfriend?

to say my past with most women suck is an understatement. There was my old crazy best friend m…and the cast of characters I’ve wrote about here.

Yesterday Sir found a profile on Cs and it was of a “girl” local looking for a girlfriend. I was a little taken back that he would suggest that. After messages and pics “she” he was going to call. Like most, no call ever came and it was most likely a guy or a fake, but it prompted the discussion.

Now I do have great connections with some girls. Most are in drama filled relationships that I carefully navigate. Then there’s one that is as far away as Sir. The more we chat, the more I adore her. 

So he said he thought that a girl like that would be good for me. She was good with him since he was living far away and visits monthly.

His concerns he raised after thinking last night as most always (slight eye roll) are valid.

He likes that I want to go to events and munches, but he can’t always come up and he would feel better if I had someone trust worthy to go with. Also with this move as this morning has already proven there is going to be some depression. I’m leaving everyone I know. Not that I’m going far, but just far enough and truth is I know no one. He liked the idea of someone to come over and hang out, cook, chat ,drink wine and cuddle with.

It’s not a thought I’d ever had. Even though I’ve identified as bi, the thought of having an actual relationship with a girl was not something I’ve been ok with. The truth being I need connection. This random play partners thing is fine, but it’s becoming as empty as swinging. 

Oddly it doesn’t mean I’ll stop either….but it was a new thing I’ve never thought of.

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