More toilet paper??

im in….the universe really tested my coping skills. Even to the last minute. My mother goes ahead of the movers, to unlock the door and…..up the only not new thing, breaks. So she calls the super and proceeds to break into the apartment by destroying the lock.

It was a long day, many friends to help and only a couple of boxes left to unpack.

Little R As promised got her box to unpack. She tried to steal my face strap on! The only thing she really didn’t like was the corse rope. It was cute and my cousin and her took some clothes pins as souvenirs.

I felt bad that Sir and I have had a hard time getting to talk. Every time we trued something happened. So a sweet tuck in was the only private time there was yesterday.

I also enjoyed such careing messages from the queen (see she has a name now!). There were times I became overwhelmed and she expressed such kindness. I find myself unusually drawn to her.

So today, doggies walked, banking done and i giant iced coffee, all in a block radius. It’s going to be a really good start, to a freedom to live, that I’ve never know.

Today’s mood…ecstatic!

2 thoughts on “More toilet paper??”

  1. Tell me you were able to lock your door last night….

    Ahhh!!! Can’t wait to see your lovely new space. Sending sunshine and happy thoughts your way today, beautiful!

    Lady Grey

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