so first friday in the new place.

Sir Said old me would stay in, but new me should go out. 

The plan was doggies in hand to find an outside place to have a drink. The fireworks scared the dogs so back in they went. 

I get to the corner alone and have the choice of left or right. My old self always chooses right, so I fought my judgement and made a left.

With Ramadan in full swing, the streets were full of families. One sidewalk bar, too packed to sit. Another open air eatery was closing, so coffee sounded like a great idea. A picture taken and sent to show Sir the new girl on her first night alone.

It was …. Lol, is freedom. I live in a building I’ve passed a hundred times. Always thinking how nice life would be if I could just live here.

Yesterday not much in the way of unpacking was done, so up early today. A new list of things to do before my family gets me.

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