Time is at a premium today. I have meetings overlapping meetings about other meetings.

My stomach is sick with stress. My brain is fried. I need a break from all of this.

The stress levels are so high that even yesterday with the Luna’s in, edging was hard. Also my mother called right after they went in, so that might have also had an effect on my reaction.

I had a nice chat with the queen yesterday. We made plans to meet and that’s exciting, but girls still ….. Scare me (for lack of better words).

Plus today is phone number day. Hey, maybe I did that already, technically I got my supers phone number, she’s a woman? Lol, today I have to ask one of the yoga girls for her number, even if I don’t use it, Sir wants me to be more comfy with flirting and speaking to other woman that I’m attracted to. I just squirm thinking of it (not in a good way), but I obey, so I’ll do it.

Any females I’ve had connections with have turned out to be filled with drama that they drag me into or they disappear, or both.


The artist-disappeared

Fet girl-disappeared



There’s more, but see the pattern….. And it’s funny because I really ask nothing more than friendship and/or occasional play. 

The common factor in all of these is their primary partners. Each one had jealously issues. My response, then don’t have an open relationship, don’t have play partners. 

It’s funny that new me looks forward to hearing others adventures and there’s no jealousy associated, but in their defense I’m not sure how I would react if it was Sir telling me these stories. So maybe it’s understandable. I’m just tired and rambling.

I can’t wait to see Sir, 8 more days. Then I can feel like myself again. Right now I have no balance, it’s all work and stress. I’m back to living for the weekend. I just keep saying, it’s temporary. This to shall pass.

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