the chains helped and I was able to get a good nights sleep. I awoke at 5 am because my body heat had made them extremely hot, but there was a good sized puddle.

My stomach has decided to take all of my stress and it feels like knives sticking me.

I just keep thinking only today and tomorrow then for 2 glourious days I can forget about all of the stress. Granted the bills and debt and empty refrigerator will still be there, but I need to loose weight anyway.

This weekend will be filled with people I’ve been missing. Friday and Saturday, old friends, sunday is a munch that’s only 2 blocks away. I don’t see myself staying long, but I’m interested to meet some local likeminded people. Maybe I can even get that phone number, so Sir will let me cum.

I’m also getting nervous because my internet is still not working and the tech they sent out still hasn’t found the problem. If I can’t get this fixed I’m not sure if it’s even possible for Sir to visit next week.

I find that the week prior to his visits I have problems. I get…. Cold. My ability to feel fades. Like I said last night, I forget.

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